4 thoughts on “The Maura Murray Engine

  1. tlt

    I am new to this blog, but not new to this case. I was just curious if anyone has ever thought that maybe Maura was involved with a police officer (state police or local police) and that is possibly why there werent any charges were pressed in the accident where she left the party and had most likely been drinking ? Also, I believe I recall that there was absolutely no radio communication from the police officer on the scene of the Haverhill NH crash for 2 hours, could this also possibly be connected to some sort of relationship with the police? Just curious and I dont recall seeing this discussed previously. Thank you.

    1. Sam Ledyard Post author

      Amherst police responded to the Corolla accident. The officer that you describe at the Haverhill accident, assuming that the report is true, was a New Hampshire State police officer. So I would ask you this: do the differences in jurisdiction,affect your thinking under this theory?

      You definitely raise an interesting question. Thanks.

  2. Tlt

    I was aware the police officers were from different jurisdictions. Having had a family member who was once an officer, I know that they will sometimes give preferential treatment to family members/ significant others of other officers if they can. Also if she was involved with an officer, could it have been easier for her to assume another identity with so much information available to the police officer? I may be way off but it is something I have always wondered about, and something feels off with both Amherst and Haverhill police interactions with Maura. Thank you.


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