My Visit to The Crash Site

I spent some time, today, at the site of Maura’s crash in New Hampshire. I will upload the video I took as soon as it transfers from my phone to my laptop. Of note was my conversation with Mr. Westman, which I will describe here.

Mr. Westman, shaking out a rug in his front lawn, was nice enough to answer some of my questions about his observations of the crash.

He had been in his office, with Mrs. Westman, when he heard a crash. In response, he and Mrs. Westman went to the kitchen, which is in the smaller section of the house.

Maura Murray

They looked out the side windows (the ones closest to the ribbon) and saw Maura’s car facing westward in the eastbound lane.

I asked Mr. Westman whether Maura might have impacted a snowbank in front of his house. He stated that she could not have done so; she “definitely” impacted by the trees near her ribbon. He explained that he had heard the impact and he was certain of its location.

I asked Mr. Westman about the red dot — what did he believe that it was? He stated that, originally, he and Mrs. Westman believed that it was a cigarette. Later, “a family member” of Maura’s “told” him that it was not a cigarette and that, instead, it was a cellphone charger.

I asked Mr. Westman why he and Mrs. Westman stopped watching the site. He stated that Mrs. Westman remained in the kitchen until the cruiser arrived, but acknowledged that she had not made it a point to watch the scene the entire time. He believes, however, that Mrs. Westman would have seen Maura traveling west had she done so.

Does any of this information alter your perceptions of the case? If so, how?

48 thoughts on “My Visit to The Crash Site

    1. delrious4real

      I think the cop that was at the scene and went searching for her did it. Think about it, no reception on her phone, who would also know that? A cop and bus driver. He took her in his car maybe, knew she was drunk and just wrecked. She gets in willingly because she’s not officially given any field sobriety tests. She rides along and maybe things changed and he made a sexual advance under threat of being jailed for DUI in another area and she fought with him, maybe he raped her that’s why the underwear which allegedly weren’t hers (they probably were) were found. She used her phone to call her boyfriend after maybe she got free out of the car nude, shivering and whimpering, and he found her and killed her? This sighting though could also be the bus driver who maybe came back afterward to see if she had gotten help did this and took her somewhere and has her. I couldn’t stop the thoughts that flooded in my head while watching this on id and had to contact someone. Good luck

  1. toomanyquestions

    I am impressed by the amount of intelligent people that have looked at Maura Murray’s case. I thought you asked a good question about the red dot. It makes a lot of sense too. Maybe that was why Maura did not make any more phone calls after 4:37 pm, something I always found a little odd. According to so many people she has all these problems in her life, but does not make a call for nearly 3 hours. Maybe it was because she was charging her phone?

    I think there are two versions of this accident. The first is that she was going too fast around the curve. In this instance, the back end would swing out and she would probably hit broadside on the right side of the curve. Since the curve was only 25 mph(I think), I do not think she would have to do much more than let the car come to a rest. The second version and the one that seems to be portrayed by many people is that she came upon the curve and the car started to stall so as she was going around the curve she gave it gas, lost control and went into the ditch.

    If the second version is the way it happened, the car would hit in the ditch and bounce or deflect from the angle of impact and be facing west. Whatever happened the car would swing around clockwise to face the direction it was found in. The wine box supports this since if you believe the Disappeared program it was found behind the driver’s seat of the car. If Maura’s body moved I think it would move to the left and impact the driver’s side door when the car impacts the ditch.

    Using news reports, blogs, etc, this is all pure guesswork. Maybe the car did not bounce around clockwise from the impact. Maybe she hit the ditch and then backed the car up to that position(facing west) to get out of the ditch. But then I would expect most of her stuff would be in the foot wells of the car and not on the seats.

    I could go either way as to what actually happened to Maura Murray. There does not even have to be an accident for this case to make sense. If she was running away she could have just dropped the car off somewhere in the White Mountains area and walked away from it. If she was murdered it could be as simple as the bus driver removing her from the car or her going to his bus or house.

    Is any of this going to tell us what happened to Maura Murray? Probably not but it is interesting to discuss.

    1. Sam Ledyard Post author

      Thank you for your comment.

      I had no cell service and no GPS at the crash site. In fact, I lost it well before I got there. It got me thinking;

      Maura had promised Fred that she would call him to discuss the crash forms. She had probably intended to use her cell phone, Let’s say that she didn’t want Fred (or Billy) to know that she was in Vermont/New Hampshire for the week. In that case, she would not have used a land line (e.g., a hotel phone) to call them. She would have used her cell phone.

      Is it possible that Maura’s apparent change in plans, i.e., not driving to Burlington, is explained by her realization that she would not have service there? Perhaps she did have service in New Hampshire in the past. She had to have wondered whether Fred would be calling (to discuss the forms) or Billy (to call her back). She couldn’t ignore their calls for a week without raising concern.

      1. wjgibson2013

        Hi, I’ve followed this case for a little while.

        If her aim was to find somewhere with cell phone service then I don’t really understand why she wouldn’t just hang around in Haverhill to make/receive the call and then leave after that. After all, it’s a reasonably sized town next to an interstate highway. There would surely have been reception there? Whereas Rte 112 is a road to nowhere. I presume Lincoln would have had service in 2004?

    2. KP

      Thanks to that bastard James Renner, a writer that has written a book and profited by Maura’s sudden disappearance.. He has done nothing but, drag Maura’s Reputation through the mud and torture her poor father. Mr. Renner has never even met Maura but, seems to have all the answers about her whereabouts, As well as, what she was thinking or doing that fateful evening.. James Renner, get a life and stop profiting from someone else’s lose!! Loser.. Someday, James the truth will be had and your career will be DONE!!!!! KP

      1. VL

        James Renner is a credible journalist and author. He writes about true crime. He has a right to investigate this case. That is his profession, and he has done much to keep Maura’s disappearance in the public consciousness. Do you do something you are passionate about for a living and get paid for it?

      2. HollyGolightly

        I agree. I was always a reader of Renner’s books, being from Cleveland. I was so angry after reading Crime Addict. I think he has gone down a rabbit hole maybe from drugs. He went off on so many tangents in this book it was like being ibpn the back seat with a drunk driver. He went on to accuse Republicans in Ohio for sex crimes his grandfather committed against his mother and her siblings. Blame George Bush. He went on and on about his son’s psychological disorders. I wish I could get my money back. Do not buy this book!

    3. KP

      I can’t believe you threw the Bus Driver under the “Bus” literally!! What the hell!! Very narrow minded!! Good luck with that!! KP

  2. Sam Ledyard Post author

    Another thing that I noticed at the crash site: when you go onto Old Peters Rd, to your left, there is a clearing. You can see the home then occupied by the Marrottes as well as that of the Westmans (watch the very last images from the cell video that I posted). Maura very easily could have run through the clearing to travel up the road undetected. In fact, it seems patently obvious that she would have gone that route, assuming, of course, that snow would not have been an obstacle.

    I have never heard this mentioned. Pictures, from the road, give the deceptive appearance that the crash site is backed by dense forest. That is not the case.

    A path from OPR to the Marrottes

  3. toomanyquestions

    That was smart to look at possible ways to leave the scene since one of my questions is how could she have walked past the houses without being seen. I think you have come up with a good explanation of what Maura Murray might have done. Why did you search for a path? Do you believe she ran away or was murdered? I drive an old car and make less than 30 a year so maybe I think differently because I constantly go between her running away and being kidnapped and murdered.

    I think many times that she ran away, but then I always come back to these common sense questions. Why write a family emergency email if she knows she is not coming back? Or as you have pointed out, why take a cell phone charger if you do not plan on using the phone? She probably had enough battery life for just that night if she were planning on running away and never using the phone again so why charge it unless she is going to a hotel or place where she can charge it and use it to call others beyond just a few hours of that trip? From what I read she never used any of her personal items like debit cards or cell phone after the accident.

    The writer James Renner took some interesting pictures of the car and some of those pictures were of the stains on the door. If the stains were on the driver’s side door that would make sense. If the stains were on the passenger side door I would be a little more puzzled. There is no way to determine how the items moved in Maura’s car, but I would think the wine box or Coke bottle would not spill on the door until it impacts and I think everything would impact forward and to the left from the position of the vehicle.

    I think we all like to think we are great detectives and that we can solve these type of cases. I do not think I am any closer to solving it than I was when I first started looking at it. If Maura were running away all she would have to do would be to drive her car somewhere in the White Mountains and leave it. All this talk of wine stains, witnesses or helpers, rags in the tailpipe would be completely irrelevant. The irony is that such a complicated run away plan makes me think she was kidnapped and murdered.

    And that leads to this. I can only come up with one wild explanation for why a person might run away in this manner. Maybe running away is not running away if people think you are dead.

  4. toomanyquestions

    I will put out there that I think Maura Murray was kidnapped and murdered. I recently checked the car photos and it looks like there is damage on the passenger side of the car so maybe she slammed into the snow bank first going around the curve and it would explain wine stains on the passenger side door. That would make a lot of sense because drunk drivers tend to have problems with depth perception.

    It is just more intriguing to talk about her running away. She was a very intelligent woman who got into West Point so it is interesting to try to think how she might have thought. If she was kidnapped and murdered there is not much to talk about. Maybe someone picked her up, then drove her a distance before murdering her? As for why she left, maybe she met a guy online or maybe she was involved in something she did not want her family and friends to know about.

    There were not any footprints in the snow despite all the searchers. How far would she have to walk to get to the nearest taxi or hotel? Wouldn’t her feet get wet or very cold wearing only regular shoes? If the accident is a true accident, then to come up with a plan B on the fly is rather remarkable IF she were running away. What if her plan was to drive to Canada? How is she going to get there after the accident without a car? I already know what the response is, that she had help.

    But then why take two cars? If she were planning on disappearing I am sure her dad probably would have given police the license plate number to be on the look out for. Looking for someone’s vehicle and plate is one of the ways police tend to find people.

    The number one person i thought murdered her and still do is bus driver. I even emailed a professor who is an expert in body language to look at the Disappeared program and see if he looks like someone who might be lying. I never got a response. It does not come as a surprise to me that the bus driver failed a polygraph.

    The point is that real life is not a tv movie, as interesting as it might be to pretend that it is.

  5. toomanyquestions

    Wouldn’t it have made more sense if she had a helper to not write a family emergency email and leave her car on campus so people think she is there? Even if someone reported her missing, wouldn’t they search UMASS and Amherst, MA first?

    Maybe someone can explain it to me.

  6. Joe

    Nearly everyone, as far as Im aware, conclude that Maura drove north on I-91 and then started heading east toward Barlett. Here’s an interesting idea that I haven’t heard mentioned before…

    Could Maura have been actually heading west, away from Bartlett?

    Maura’s cell phone records show that her cell phone last pinged off a cell tower in Londonberry, NH which has a 22 mile radius. Therefore she had to be within 22 miles of that tower for her phone to ping off it. The Londonderry tower is way more than 22 miles away from I-91. Londonderry is just south of Manchester which is southeast NH, We know that Maura had directions in her car to Burlington, VT and had previous placed a call to Stowe, VT looking for lodging (Stowe is on the the way to Burlington). Could Maura have actually driven east, presumably on I-90, then taken I-495 or I-95 north to I-93 which runs through the outskirts of Londonderry? Once on I-93, Maura could have driven north toward Barlett and then headed west on 112? (I-93 and 112 intersect just a couple miles west of Barlett). Despite this being a longer route than taking I-91, this scenario would clearly show Maura’s intent to head toward Stowe and/or Burlington while quickly stopping off in or passing by Barlett (a place visited her whole life and loved to go to),

    This would then mean that Maura actually lost control before the hair pin turn, went cross the road and into the lane going the opposite direction, crashing the front left of the car into the tree and coming to a stop on the east bound side of the road but facing west. Therefore this would eliminate her car having to have done a 180° spin after colliding with something, like its commonly assumed she did.

    1. Sam Ledyard Post author

      I have always wondered why it is assumed that Maura was driving east as opposed to west.

      With respect to the Londonderry “ping”: this piece of information, according to Christopher King / KingCast, comes from the affidavit of Todd Landry. James Renner copied KingCast’s purported account of Landry’s affidavit.

      According to KingCast, in his affidavit, Landry stated as follows:

      “A representative from Sprint Corporate Security advised [me] that during the late afternoon hours of February 9, 2004 an outgoing telephone call was made to Murray from the Londonderry, NH Sprint tower. This call had to have been made from within a 22 mile radius of the tower. The identity of this caller and telephone number has not been made as of this date.”

      Therefore, it was not the phone of Maura that pinged; it was the phone of the mystery caller.

      1. chicagomindy

        Here’s my question: Isn’t it possible that, as Maura Murray had Sprint as her service provider..that upon reviewing her phone records, Landry noted a call…from a number…which he was attempting to trace. At that point, he sent in the subpoena to Sprint, hoping that they could give further information? The fact that Maura had Sprint suggests to me that he was attempting to trace an incoming call to Maura…which was outgoing from the user in questio. It seems everyone else takes this as a subpoena from the cell tower: I think that Landry was simply going off the little information he got off the phone records, which could have shown Maura got an incoming call in the area, and he wanted to see who it was.

      2. Lateforsupper

        Could that call have come from KM and TC coming up I- 93 out of Boston in a Red Truck with Massachusetts license plate ?

    2. JT

      I wondered the same….if she had gone north from Amherst, there is no way she would have been anywhere near Londonderry unless she was near rt 93….I think she was heading west also but then I wonder why didnt she take rt 89? That turn off is well south of the Kanc and would have been a faster more direct rte to VT for her esp driving a car with issues.

  7. JA Smith

    I’ve spent too much time on this enigma, and posted my thoughts on JR site. It’s fairley close to this scenerio, w/ a few differences. My only bitch is, a lot of things I read, are questionable leads, quoates, and forgive me, but 1/2 is BS. So much speculation has run amuck, that fiction is over shadowing fact. The fact is, poor precedure from the get go (even before Maura vanished) has been obvious. TV shows leave out info and slant missing people to be saints. I’m not belittling MM. She was a highly accomplished individual, and if she is on the lamb, you would have to give it to her. I have not had any real look at the case, only what the media and web has shown, but I am a Occums kind of guy. Simplify. Too many women go missing on these dark little roads and it sickens me. It is what has provoked me into being a PI. Given what we have been told, it would seem she was overpowered and driven elsewhere. Her guard lowered from booze and the fear of a DUI, a creep who does this got “freebie”. A beautiful, deperate, buzzed prize that needed help. More crimes are committed under the impression of “help” than people realize. Sorry for the bluntness, but this needs to be solved, and people are writing books(nothing meant against Jim) my point is, the process is out of order! FOR THE CREEP: Your day is coming. My apologies to all families this has affected, especially the Murrary family.JAS

  8. toomanyquestions

    I think when it comes to the question of what direction Maura Murray was driving you might have something there. If you look at the angle of impact on the vehicle, it looks more like she was driving west and not east. But the physics of an accident or how wine spills is so hard to determine with any certainty.

    Let’s say hypothetically she somehow managed to pull of her own disappearance despite all the common sense questions surrounding it. I think things like the crack in the windshield and the wine box she would want to do ahead of time. This lessens the amount of time spent at the scene. I also think she would want to get rid of the car. This leads to the question about the items in Maura’s car. If Maura met someone on the way to New Hampshire why did she not transfer the items from her car to their car before they continued on if they both know they are leaving her car in the U.S.? Why would they even continue on with Maura’s car? Even if she had made it to Canada wouldn’t border patrol have logged the plate number? Aren’t there cameras at border crossings?

    There is only one thing she cannot do ahead of time and that is put the rag in the tailpipe. She has to have the accident at which time the airbags would explode and her hands would be covered in corn starch/talcum powder. Then she would put the rag in the tailpipe and there might be traces of corn starch/talcum powder on the rag. The point is she can only do this after the accident. Why would anyone who is fearing a DUI stick around to do something like that? This is just hypothetically if she ran away.

    As an amateur you can only think that police would already have asked many of these same questions which is why I think it is a kidnapping/murder. It is all these questions that make her case so interesting and leave so many other unanswered questions.

    1. Lateforsupper

      Does any know if the rag was ever tested for air bag powder ? If nothing is on that rag could the airbags have gone off on days before the Weathered Barn ?

  9. toomanyquestions

    There was one other thing that I wanted to bring up. What was Maura’s punctuality like? If you asked her boyfriend what would he say when it came to meeting up with her? Not every female is late, but they tend to want to do their hair, their nails, etc. and they run behind schedule.
    The reason I started to look at the case as if she might have run away has to do with another female trait, cell phone use.

    Her last phone call was at 4:37 pm nearly 3 hours before her accident. The accident is something she could not have predicted. At the accident scene the bus driver said she was the only one at the scene. She searched the internet leading up to leaving for a long time looking for a destination and a place to stay. And according to people who have traveled the route she took to New Hampshire, there is a 45 minute gap in time, extra time.

    This is why I constantly go between her being kidnapped/murdered and running away. She did not call her boyfriend on the way to New Hampshire. She did not call numbers for hotel rooms on the way to New Hampshire. She did not even call anyone when she was idle for 45 minutes. And according to this blog, she had her cell phone charger in the car with her.

    I know the answer is that she was travelling in an area without cell phone coverage, but it would be interesting to know exactly when her phone would have gone out of range and not worked. And she did write that email to her boyfriend about not really wanting to talk to anyone. Other than the cell phone use, I think everything else can be explained and points to this probably being a kidnapping/murder case.

  10. toomanyquestions

    I wondered whether anyone knew if the receipt found in Maura’s car was found out by itself or in the bag? If you cued up the videotape from the store purchase, did the clerk hand the receipt to Maura or did the clerk put it in one of the bags?

    The questions in Maura’s case always seem to be conflicting. On the one hand, the family emergency email and the email about seeing Dane Cook on February 12th suggest she was coming back. On the other hand, her father told her the car was smoking and she would get pulled over in a heartbeat by the police, so why would she start drinking before she reaches her destination?

    Maura Murray’s case will always be hard to solve without access to the actual evidence. News reports are so conflicting by themselves. I personally think they should give her father the case files and let him solve it.

    There is one thing that maybe can be figured out. According to Maura’s friend, Liz, Maura would not just up and change her plans. How many pairs of underwear did Maura have with her? I read a news report that said Maura had a week’s worth of clothing with her. So if that is true, there is one thing everyone should have figured out for sure. Maura Murray never actually planned to see Dane Cook on February 12th OR her plans after she sent that email did change abruptly.

    1. Lateforsupper

      Funny you say that I read somewhere there was NO underwear found in her overnight bags in her car. That makes me think those bags were in her car for days, months or even during her winter vacation from college. Think about it what’s your first thing you take out of your duffle bags your underwear to be washed most likely she either was just going for the night , forgot to add new undies or she didn’t wear them. Everyone thinks she was going for a week away with hardly any money not possible.

  11. chicagomindy

    Thanks for posting this, Sam. As many years as I’ve been following this case, it’s amazing that videos from different angles can still pop up, and be useful, as yours is.

    1. nhrider

      why can’t there be two people in the car a smoker and a non smoker?
      Also’ Why are you so sure there was a smoker? The red light seen by Mr Westman?

      Inconclusive at best to see a cigarette smoker from that distance would be impressive to say the least.

  12. nhrider

    I traveled all the way up rt 91 today from mass to the exit maura was said to have taken (Wells river) and a couple things came to mind.

    1) Rt 89 exit says New Hampshire in big letters on the sign. Why didn’t she take that exit as that is 30 miles or so prior to wells River,

    2) The road is so dark at night as there are no highway lights nor towns after White river Junction to illuminate the road and it is pitch black . GPS says to take Fairlee vt Exit to go to woodsville NH ( exit prior to Wells river) and it is approx 12 miles south.

    I was thinking- Why would anyone drive a road like this especially at night without a destination planned /reserved? Incredibly dark and very very hilly which can slow speeds way down and result in time loss (45 min).

    Anyhow, It is a very very long desolate drive before she got to 112 and it is just mind bogeling why anyone would take that journey in a supposedly poor running car.

    Why did Maura leave so late on Monday? What did she do early in the day? Did something happen to trigger her to leave late? Spontaneous? Maybe

  13. toomanyquestions

    You can go on and on and on about this case, but what I would like to read are all the witness statements of Maura Murray at the crash site, particularly about one important question I would have for all the witnesses. The sad thing about this case is that there are other individuals who have disappeared and not been heard from again, but does that mean they all came up with brilliant plans or is it that they really have disappeared because they are dead. That is why missing person’s cases are so difficult. You really do not know what you are trying to solve.

    First you have the bus driver. Supposedly he sees a woman in the car but cannot make out her face over the airbags. He does not get a good description. Everyone questions his statements including me because he might have been involved in Maura Murray’s disappearance.

    Then you have her dad on Disappeared. He is out at the crash site with the camera crew and states, “You can’t see your hand in front of your face.”

    Finally you have the statement from the Westmans. They saw a little red dot which according to reports could either be a person smoking or someone on their cell phone. It has been determined the tiny dot they saw was probably the cell phone.

    What do all these statements have in common? They are all about the dark.

    Maybe I just did not read about this point in news reports, but did Maura Murray’s Saturn have an interior light that worked? How many witnesses saw the light on inside the car?

  14. toomanyquestions

    The guy that submitted this post, Sam Ledyard, proved something very important with his trip to the crash site. I wonder if he or anyone else noticed it. It has to do with Maura phoning anyone for help.

    According to the story, if Maura had a helper then I think if all the sudden Maura crashed the helper would want to call Maura first. I think Maura Murray would leave her cell phone on. When the bus driver stopped and Maura left the AAA card, she was acting as if her phone worked.

    If you got the same type of cell phone Maura Murray had and travelled the same route, I think you could prove something important like Sam Ledyard did when he wrote,

    “I had no cell service and no GPS at the crash site. In fact I lost it well before I got there.”

    It makes you wonder why anyone would leave a AAA card in the car to prove they tried to call AAA if the screen on their phone reads, “Not in service area” or something like that. Maybe Maura Murray turned off her phone on the way to New Hampshire.

  15. nhrider

    Just to add a little to your post, if maura was really interested in calling AAA but had no luck due to no service then why wouldn’t she bring the card with her in order to call later when she found cell service. I tend to think that you might be right about Maura just making it appear that she tried calling AAA but that is pretty silly when everyone knows there is no service around there anyway. I just don’t see any benefit from her trying to deceive anyone.

    1. toomanyquestions

      I think the answer most people will probably give you is that in the chaos after the accident she simply forgot to take the AAA card with her. You also brought up a great point when you wrote,

      “I just don’t see any benefit from her trying to deceive anybody.” That in a nutshell is what makes the case so interesting to me. Maura could have paid for a bus ticket in cash, hopped on a bus for Boston, got off never to be see again. Car would still be on campus and I think it would be at least 3 days before anyone starts looking. So the argument that she was kidnapped and murdered in New Hampshire is based on common sense and not wild theories like a make about the case.

      I just think you have to consider all possibilities no matter how remote. If a woman leaves a voicemail for a man she loves, I think if she went on a trip she would do something that would probably be habit like taking your keys with you when you get out of the car. I think she would be checking her phone to see if he called.

      The part that Sam proved was not about the cell service or Maura’s statement to the bus driver or the AAA card. It was that he knew there was no cell phone service BEFORE he got there.

  16. toomanyquestions

    There is one other small piece of evidence that I had a question about in Maura Murray’s case. In order to open a box of Franzia wine, you have Tab A and Tab B. Tab A you pull out of the cardboard box to get to the nozzle. Did police ever find that small piece of cardboard in Maura Murray’s car? Where in the car did they find it? I guess she could have just thrown it away.

    I think if you took the car and put it in the same spot and put the witnesses to the accident in the same spot and turned on the interior light of the car, how many of them would be able to see that? That is why the bus driver is so important to the case. Without him, the conclusion would have been that Maura was unconscious and therefore unable to turn on the light. It could be a lie that he even talked to Maura Murray but that is why the AAA card is so important.

    It certainly would be a strange kidnapping if they took an unconscious Maura Murray with her wallet and cell phone, took her wallet out, then went back to put a AAA card in the car. Did the car have any AAA decals on it or is the kidnapper just that smart to go through her wallet to find out she has AAA?

    1. nhrider

      Wasn’t an individual seen walking around the car after the SB driver left. we know from that sighting that she was not unconscious.

      1. Mattjd

        I keep wondering about that backpack nhrider found. Did they ever link that find to the case one way or another. I could not find anything indicating she took a back pack with her when she left the saturn

  17. linus802

    I’m starting to think that Maura may have not either run away nor been the victim of foul play. If you take into account that she was on “probabtion” so to speak with her recent troubles and had been drinking and driving and got into two accidents she may have fled the scence to avoid police and could have gotten lost somewhere in the woods. It’s cold and dark during the winter here in Vermont and New Hampshire and it would be easy to get lost if you didn’t know your surroundings. I think we should organize a private search party this spring and see what we can find, it’s been over a decade but you never know what you will find.

  18. hannah

    Could it be that maura was traveling behind or in front of someone? Supposedly a witness reported a red truck drive by them, slow down and stop at the store and when she stepped into light they left towards the accident. Almost like they were looking for someone. Could it be they were traveling with her and when they saw she wasn’t behind they waited and when she didn’t come they went to see what was happening. What if the car wreck was merely an accident. Wasn’t there a full tank of gas and a witness that said she saw maura and two friends an hr before the accident. Say that was her is that where she filled up on gas or nearby. If it was only an hr she would still have quite a bit of gas. When she didn’t show up behind them they went to check and picked her up. Maybe she grabbed what she could and left down the road. Could she of put the rag in the tailpipe as a sign to her dad that she’s OK and she’s on to her next move? Didn’t a witness say they saw her at the back of the trunk area? Didn’t a witness say several cars pass by none of those cars saw anything?

  19. hannah

    Didn’t Fred say he told maura to put the rag in there to stop the smoke? Maybe it was her way of telling him she’s okay or that she was tbere.

    1. I'm not a robot

      There were 0 pairs of underwear . I’m not sure where I heard that but my feelings is most of the articles were left from other outings and not necessarily her present trip. Why would you not put extra pairs of underwear ? Unless she didn’t wear them. Gross 😝 .

  20. nhdude

    There is one person who is always left out of the discussion and its neighbor Rick Forcier. Story changed from the start. Admitted to driving in the area and possibly even seeing her running that night after originally denying being in the area at that time. I believe he said he must of forgot. Refused to let police search his property.

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    You must stop me by saying everything is good.

    Otherwise I must “destroy you” with big bushy spray on beard.

  22. Shana (@shanadkk)

    incredible blog. thank you for sharing information. i study missing persons cases since someone in my family had a ‘near miss’. if she weren’t a ferocious fighter, she wouldnt be with us today. i have returned to Maura’s story many times, to see if there are further developments. And there are many theories out there….some are quite outlandish…. It’s scary how you can be accused so quickly in our world. If my swim coach disappeared tomorrow, did I kill him because I got a C on that exam? You know…Looking for motive where none exists.

  23. Delilah

    I just saw the episode disappeard . Imo I think Maura could of staged her disappearance. Did she have any mental or emotional problems before this happened? Maybe bi polar. I really dont know there is so many theories! Maybe she was following someone infront of her on her way to where she was going . Why would she buy all this liquor to drink alone? I hope her family finds closure!

  24. Sam Ledyard Post author

    Hi Eric. I archived two pages on the website because I was too lazy to make a brand-new website.

    I was basically testing the way Google indexes pages. Each of the 4,000 links or 2,000 was to the exact same Topix page, but with an affixed “timestamp” — they weren’t real timestamps, but were probably created in excel or notepad++. After creating those pages, I had Google crawl them, and I believe I saved them as archives to see whether Google would crawl those pages as well. I can’t recall the specifics; but I used to be fascinated with improving my ranking, etc.


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