Lost and Found in the White Mountains

I read this today, and thought it worth reblogging.

Great Northern Ink Spot

(This story was written in May 2004 and published in the New Hampshire Sunday News.)

Image A Blackhawk helicopter in a search of Waterville Valley.

If nowhere is a place where no one has trod for decades, then Mount Kancamagus is in the middle of it.

A hiker found himself there last week on what the Appalachian Mountain Club’s White Mountain Guide describes as a “trail-less mass of round, wooded ridges” and where he stumbled upon human remains.

Several law enforcement officials returned with the man the next day to retrieve them and earlier this week, dental records confirmed that they were those of Steven Romines, a Massachusetts man who went missing almost 20 years ago, in October of 1984. Investigators say initial reports had indicated that he was “distraught” at the time and while no cause of death was determined, it is likely that he committed suicide.

“From where…

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3 thoughts on “Lost and Found in the White Mountains

  1. Tyler from Pittsburgh

    Thanks for sharing this, Sam. It definitely provides context. I’ve always believed that the notion “Maura isn’t there because they haven’t found her” is incredibly ignorant. Finding a body anywhere in the White Mountain range would be a major challenge. That area has some of the densest trees in the nation and experiences some of the worst weather in the world as elevation increases. No matter how her body got to its final destination, if it’s in the woods, it is likely hidden incredibly well.

  2. Adriana Pacheco Lesemann

    More and more I believe that she never made it out of the crash area alive. The fact that after she inneduateky went missing
    And the fact that there was NI cell activity at all makes me think that.


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