By Tyler from Pittsburgh

Yesterday we had an opportunity to speak with blogger John Allore.

Tragically, John’s sister was murdered in 1978 in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. The unanswered questions surrounding the fate of his sister inspired John to start a crime blog in 2002. Over the years John has searched for answers for his sister, Theresa, as well as for other murdered and missing women — including Maura Murray.

John began covering Maura’s story shortly after she disappeared in 2004. As someone who had extensive experience investigating the unknown fate of a loved one, he reached out to the families of both Maura as well as Brianna Maitland.

“I was doing an investigation on my sister’s case,” he says, “from that I started to get pulled into these things more and more.”

John has corresponded with Helena Murray, among others. He even briefly exchanged emails with Maura’s father, Fred Murray, whom he put in contact with Canadian authorities.

Presently, John is surprised that so much interest has arisen with regards to the possibility that Maura may be in the province of Quebec.

“It was shocking to me to see that they had posted ‘have you seen this woman’ posters in the Eastern Township newspapers in Sherbrooke.”

He’s right. From our perspective, there is a lack of evidence that suggests Maura fled the country. That’s not to say turning over every stone isn’t valuable, but John told us a tale of what can happen when too much hype is focused on a single theory.

“I think it was the summer of 2005, someone put me in contact with Dateline NBC,” he recalled, “In the course of these conversations we were also talking about Maura and we were talking about Brianna. And the producer at Dateline was pushing us… To go on record as saying we think there is a link between Theresa’s murder and Brianna and Maura — we wouldn’t do it because there was no factual basis for it. So the segment didn’t air.”

That’s an extremely unfortunate situation. Who knows how much help a nationally televised segment could have provided any of the three disappearances. It’s an ugly snapshot of the free-falling quality of the news media.

“It’s like what’s happening in Malaysia right now,” John said, referencing missing Malaysian airliner Flight 370, “No one knows anything so they fabricate everything based on absolutely no evidence… Over time they [the media] start operating in their own interests. They were suggesting she [Theresa] was a runaway, she was a drug addict, she was a lesbian… My parents got so fed up with it that they began to worry about how it would affect me and my brother who were 13 and 17… So they just shut down and stopped talking to anyone.”

John’s perspective is a valuable one. It’s easy to view a situation from the outside looking in and make assumptions. Answers to questions that we often decide are complex are likely very simple. In the case of Fred Murray, it’s not hard to understand why after ten years of attention, he may simply feel the media does more harm than good in some cases.

Whatever you ultimately believe, don’t rule out the most simple explanations; explanations which have very solid evidence to back them up. It’s always fun to delve into the most exciting of theories. But there is a very strong possibility Maura rests somewhere not far from that bend in the road on Route 112 — just as John’s sister, Theresa, was eventually found less than a mile from where she disappeared.

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9 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. nhrider

    It is obvious to me that you are looking to poke holes in Renners investigation- I ask Why? I am not saying that I agree or disagree but why don’t you just stick with your own theory and make your own path.

    1. Tyler from Pittsburgh Post author

      Hi nhrider,

      This post isn’t meant to be a commentary on James Renner’s investigation. I respect James’ experience and opinions.

      I simply hoped to reflect the tone of our conversation with John, who has decades of experience dealing with these types of situations. I think his input is extremely valuable.

    2. Sam Ledyard

      My comment below addresses this — John was unaware of my position (which Tyler happens to share) with respect to Canada when he presented his view.

      So, to the extent that he had James in mind during the interview, that was not the product of our influence.

      Anyway, I don’t see it as “James’ theory.” I see it as “Suzanne’s.” When James’ book comes out, he might offer extrinsic details that brought him Canada. But until he does, and speaking only for myself, I have a problem with Suzanne’s theory. I don’t have a problem with James.

  2. Sam Ledyard

    This accurately describes the conversation.

    After John had discussed his perspective, I asked him whether he knew my position with respect to Canada. I, of course, believe that “Suzanne” created the Canada theory in its current form.

    John said that he had purposely refrained from looking into my position after you reached out to him because he did not want it to influence the interview. I found that significant.

    I wanted to mention, briefly, that I spoke with the Globe photojournalist believed by Mason and amyresearches, among others, to have been “Suzanne.” She told me that she had never heard of Maura Murray and never posted on Topix. I believe her.

  3. nhrider

    Sorry but I never stick to the party line who ever posts. I speak from what I believe and that is where I believe the truth will come from.

  4. nhrider

    I am not saying I know the truth or anything like that. I just prefer to let the truth come to the top and not direct it by swaying people.

    We are not stupid


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